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The Yellow Warbler is a web series where we debug user-submitted, FeathersJS issues or even issues in the core project.

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Liist.io is a No-Code solution for displaying, sorting, filtering, and paginating a list of data direct from a Google Sheet. We built this during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in an effort to reduce costs for sites attempting to relay resources to the public without having to have any web knowledge or even invest in a website builder.

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For a client that specializes in listing ranch properties, we needed a solution that would allow users to quickly search and filter, without re-writing the current web application.

We developed a plugin that could be dropped into the existing application, powered by Elasticsearch and built with React, Parcel, and PostCSS.

Pawcatso Automated Social Media Campaign

AltaML is an applied machine learning company that has developed an innovative model for detecting cat happiness. They needed to build an audience, test hypotheses and do it quickly.

We built an automated social media campaign targeting Twitter using Integromat that took people's cat photos and sent them a new image with a cat and glasses on their cat. We also developed landing pages where users could submit their cat photos to using Integromat again. Pawcatso.com will put a hat and glasses on your cat while Pawcatso.com/stories will take you cat on an adventure depending on their mood.

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Project: Gambit

As gamers ourselves, we built an analytics application for breaking down Heroes of the Storm gameplay.

This resulted in the creation of a number of projects, including heroprotocol-node and ReleaseHawk.

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Open Source

FeathersJS Auth0 JWKS


Following the Auth0 JWKS, this project wraps the server handshake for FeathersJS applications as an alternative to the OAuth handler.
Gatsby Plausible Plugin


A Gatsby plugin for adding Plausible analytics to your Gatsby site. The plugin includes the Plausible tracking script. It supports using custom domains and excluding specific paths from recording page views.
Releasehawk Plugin


ReleaseHawk automatically creates pull requests as soon as your GitHub or file dependencies are updated.
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