Our Services

You will work directly with us and only us. You won't be shuffled off to junior employees or subcontracted labor. If you discover a bug as a result of our work, weeks or months in the future, we'll fix it free of charge.

Book an Office Hours session.

We offer 30 minute sessions to walk you through any open issues you may be facing using FeathersJS. This may include architecture discussions, debug sessions, patterns, or more. All discussions are protected by a non-disclosure agreement at your request.

You will meet with David Luecke (author and maintainer of FeathersJS), Curtis Cummings, or Alexis Abril.

Expertise when you need it.

Whether you need technical advice on application architecture or assembling a development team, we can provide the guidance you need on the obstacles you need to overcome at a fraction of the cost.

Discovery, Design, and Development.

We specialize in user experience and performance, and will bring your ideas to life.


We will deliver documentation that clearly defines the purpose and requirements of your project.


From wireframes to interactive prototypes, we will provide the look and feel of the application prior to development so that your team and stakeholders know exactly what to expect.


Each critical area of the application will be tested before we deliver the code and assets to your team.