Our Process

Each project we deliver comes with complete test code coverage, performance metrics, API documentation and inline documentation. We strive to provide the strongest avenue for your project's long-term success. Reach out to us to discuss your project and make it a reality.

Initial Consult

Via phone or an in-person visit, we'll go over high-level requirements to scope out your project. We do this initial consult free of charge, prior to the start of any development.

Rapid Prototype

The Rapid Prototype phase typically takes between 1-3 weeks. Depending on a project's most immediate needs, we'll provide a project skeleton and any critical API endpoints.

Complete Application

After the Rapid Prototype phase, we continue to develop the full application. Timelines are consistently monitored and updated, providing accurate estimates for project delivery.


For any client, we offer lifetime support via email. As long as there have not been significant code changes to the delivered solution, we continue to support our products. If we've taken a project through to delivery, we assist in debugging via visiting on-site or screensharing for the life of the project. Documentation and testing are provided for each project we engage in.

We specialize in the tools listed below and may customize depending on your needs.

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