In late 2017 we started working on a side project which had a unique requirement: monitor a dependency that is not an NPM module. In our specific case, we needed to monitor a GitHub repository for changes. If you are familiar with projects such as Dependabot, the requirement is identical. ReleaseHawk was born out of these efforts and published to the GitHub marketplace.

The project we were primarily using ReleaseHawk for was an analytical app to process replay files for a popular and competitive game, Heroes of the Storm. As of late 2018, Blizzard announced a lowering the priority for this game's development in a blog post. Due to the changes, we had no immediate need for the project, but still can see uses in the future, such as a project monitoring changes in flat files.

As a result, we're leaving ReleaseHawk available to be forked and continuing to host the documentation, however, we have removed the application from the GitHub marketplace and are archiving the project. If you find the need to monitor dependencies that are not traditionally covered, feel free to host the ReleaseHawk service in your own infrastructure. If you have any issues setting this up, be sure to reach out to us and we are happy to assist.

We may unarchive this project in the future if there is a demand, but until then, code responsibly!