This year has been a trying time for all small businesses we've chosen to permanently close operations at Curtis and I began this enterprise with a belief that there was a need for higher attention to detail in software development. Keeping a small team of focused and talented individuals granted us the ability to work on interesting projects with amazing clients.

We believe a software consultancy's name should be synonymous with quality. Each decision we made was from that perspective, from how we estimated projects through to delivery. As a result, we had deeper conversations with clients and even referred some to competitors if we felt their expertise may be better applied. Days were spent in estimation, prior to accepting a project, so that our clients knew the true scope of requests being made. We contributed and donated to open source projects we used each day as developing open source is most definitely a labor of love. We're proud of what we've built and hope that some of those perspectives carry on into future development with colleagues.

However, the economic reality of 2020 has hit us hard. This has been a year that struck us early in our company's life and although we were able to weather the storm initially, it was not something we could maintain. I wanted to say thank you to everyone we've worked with these past 3 years and a special thank you to everyone in the Feathers community.