black t-shirt showing fifty feathersjs hooks

We have designed a number of t-shirts for FeathersJS, available in our new store. At, we use Feathers on a daily basis. This is a choice we evaluate at the start of every project we onboard. Feathers has consistently enhanced our ability to deliver quality software with greater efficiency. The swag store is one aspect of an avenue where we strive to give back and keep the community thriving.

All profits, which is the remainder from the cost of the item plus our cost of design (and the store itself), are donated to the Feathers project for future development. A more important takeaway, than purchasing a t-shirt, is to donate to open source projects you use, if you can. Convince your company, managers, or peers to donate if they can. Contribute to docs, submit bugs or patches, or advocate. A number of projects that people find useful are undermaintained or shuttered due to the lack of funding or contribution.

We will continue to do what we can for the projects that we use every day. Let's write software together.

screenshot of the store with feathers t-shirts