Archiving the ReleaseHawk project

In late 2017 we started working on a side project which had a unique requirement: monitor a dependency which is not an NPM module. In our specific case, we needed to monitor a GitHub repository for changes. If you are familiar with projects such as Dependabot, the requirement is identical. ReleaseHawk was born out of these efforts and published to the GitHub marketplace.

Introducing ReleaseHawk

Today we're launching ReleaseHawk— a GitHub app that manages your dependencies that live outside your package manager. In today's environment, we've grown accustomed to having our dependencies come from a package manager, such as NPM, Maven, or NuGet.

Release: heroprotocol-node

heroprotocol is a python library provided by Blizzard, parsing MPQ files created by Heroes of the Storm. heroprotocol-node is a NodeJS wrapper, allowing you to generate the underlying reports as JSON objects.

FeathersJS and Google OAuth 2.0

FeathersJS is an abstraction layer for building WebSocket and REST APIs. This framework includes plugins, such as handling JWT-based authentication, for use with many existing authentication schemes. This article acts as an example for integrating a Feathers application with Google as an OAuth 2.0 provider.

A comparison between WebSockets, server-sent events, and polling

Comparisons of mechanisms to implement a "real-time" behavior in web applications often touch on API differences, however neglect performance and request overhead in such implementations. This article provides metrics for HTTP long-polling, HTTP short-polling, server-sent events, and WebSockets in the form of bandwidth per request. The primary audience of this article is a seasoned web developer or library author, however web developers of all skill levels may benefit from the following material.